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Picsart is the name of a popular graphical editor application, which was launched in 2011, by an American company, and today is used by millions of people from all over the globe, taking the highest lines in the international rankings of the apps in its segment.

Meaning and history

Picsart Logo history

Picsart is considered to be one of the most popular photo editing applications for mobiles, with more than 500 million downloads all over the globe. In addition to the fact that Picsart is a free application, its incredible popularity is due not only to this, but also to the presence of a large number of features: the app has special effects,  templates, and frames; you can draw directly with your finger on the screen, insert beautiful inscriptions, or color the photo in all the unthinkable hues.

Picsart Photo Studio is an easy-to-use photo editor, collage creator, and powerful drawing tool. It has been appreciated by millions of users around the world who share their amazing creations with members of the Picsart community every day. Whatever you love, Picsart has everything you need to create and post stunning photos.

What is Picsart?
Picsart is a photo editor that runs on Android and iOS and has numerous tools for shaping new, unusual images. It supports the ability to share photos on social networks and take them from users’ pages. The application was created in the United States in 2011.

In terms of visual identity, even though a Picsart is a pretty young company, it has already had three logo versions created for its application. The first badge was completely different from the two latest ones, with a tender color palette and a graphical addition, while the modern version of the Picsart badge is bright, juicy, yet minimalistic and powerful.

2011 – 2016

Picsart Logo 2011

The very first badge for Picsart was introduced in 2011 and stayed untouched for five years. The original name of the application was the same, but it was written differently, with two capital letters, — PicsArt. Hence, the badge of the app featured the “PicsArt” lettering in a heavy narrowed sans-serif font with rounded lines, set in two different colors — sky-blue for the “Pics” and gray for the “Art”. The wordmark was accompanied by a modest graphical emblem on the left. It was a composition of two petals in orange and red.

2016 – 2021

Picsart Logo 2016

The redesign of 2016 has introduced a minimized and modernized version of the PicsArt badge, where the bright rounded lettering in a full-shapes sans-serif typeface was set in a gradient purple color palette, with no additional graphics. It was a vivid and dynamic badge, which despite being laconic, also perfectly reflected the essence and purpose of the application.

2021 – Today

Picsart Logo

In 2021 the name of the application was slightly changed — the PicsArt turned into Picsart, hence the logo of the app was also changed. The new badge boasts solid bright purple lettering in the title case, with the bold bars of the rounded characters cut straight.

Font and color

Picsart Emblem

The custom title case lettering from the primary Picsart badge is set in a fancy sans-serif typeface with stylish futuristic contours of the full-shapes characters. The font, used in this insignia, is something in between All Round Gothic Thick and Ascent Pro Semi Bold Demo, with the characters modified.

As for the color palette of the Picsart visual identity, it is based on a bright and juicy shade of purple, which symbolized imagination, creativity, art, and development, creating a brilliant representation of the application and its main features.