Phoenix Suns Logo

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Phoenix Suns Logo

While the logo of the basketball team Phoenix Suns has gone through not less than four modifications, it has been consistent in its core visual metaphor: a basketball as the symbol of the sun.

Meaning and history

Phoenix Suns Logo history

The Phoenix Suns were established in 1968 as an expansion team. They didn’t manage to get the logo they liked from the first attempt. To begin with, they commissioned a local artist for the task and paid him $5,000. The results of his work didn’t impress them, to say the least of it. So, the team managers decided to go on until they got the logo everyone would like. Eventually, they got the job done by Stan Fabe, Tucsonian designer, who was the owner of a commercial printing plant. Interestingly enough, Fabe received only $200 for his design.

Old logo

Phoenix Suns Logo Old

The Phoenix Suns old logo was built around a gold basketball with white spikes tailing to the right, which symbolized rays of the sun or (less likely) flames. The words “Phoenix” and “Suns” in purple were placed above and below the icon respectively.


Phoenix Suns Symbol

Over the following 25 years of the Phoenix Suns logo history, the emblem remained unchanged. The 1993 logo featured the basketball with more pronounced sun rays, as well as a new purple rhombus shape. In 2001, a grey frame, which resembled a drop, appeared around the logo, while the ball adopted bolder seams and a more dimensional look.

The 2014 emblem

Phoenix Suns emblem

While the sunburst and the overall frame remained virtually unchanged, the 2014 version switched to a darker color scheme and used a different type. The basketball itself was also slightly modified. Now, the seams are positioned so that the ball appears to be flying at a 45-degree angle and, due to it, the emblem looks more dynamic, while the previous version was somewhat static. The 2017 Phoenix Suns logo is exactly the same.


While the brand guidelines claim that the team’s official font is Trade Gothic Bold Condensed, it’s obvious that the Phoenix Suns new logo features a different, unique type. The glyphs in both the words have unusual sharp elements resonating with the sun image as given in the emblem.


Phoenix Suns Logo Color

The relatively bright colors, yellow (PMS 137) and orange (PMS 159 and PMS 1675), are balanced by black (PMS Black) and gray (PMS Cool Gray 5). The overall impression is rather dark. While the official palette also includes purple (PMS 275), the color cannot be seen anywhere in the primary Phoenix Suns logo.