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Payza payment system was established in 2004 by the company bearing the same name with headquarters in Canada. However, it provides its services to customers from any country; identification is made by e-mail address. The system is completely independent, without maintaining direct links with any bank. By opening an account in Payza, one can make payments, receive and send money transfers via the Internet to partners, even if they are not clients of this system.

Meaning and history

Payza Logo history

2004 – 2012

AlertPay Logo 2004
The system was originally named “AlertPay”. Its first logo was designed in 2004 and consisted of the wordmark with the name of the company. The first part, “Alert”, was made in light green and the second half, “Pay”, was pale grey.

2012 – Today

Payza logo
In May 2012 the payment processor was re-branded as Payza. Consequently, the logo was changed. The new emblem consisted of the company’s new name “Payza” in thick black letters. To the left of the name was a funny green circle with a small tail on the left side, which made it look like both a stylized capital letter “P” and a giant inverted comma.

Logo Payza

Another version of the logo has the name “Payza” written in white colour inside a green ball with a thin arc running over the wordmark from its first letter to the last one.
The colour palette of the main logo includes emerald green for the emblem, grey charcoal for the wordmark and pure white for the background.

The font used for the wordmark is the company’s own font most similar to commercial graphics FF Dax Pro Wide Extra Bold.

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