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Logo Yazilim is the name of one of the largest software production companies in Turkey, which was established in 1984. Today the company is also engaged in consulting and management services, but software development is still the number one activity.

Meaning and history

Logo Yazilim is a Turkish software developer, which is very well known across the globe. The company is also Turkey’s largest publicly traded software company and the largest domestic business software company.

Logo Yazilim designs application software and provides management and consultancy services, which include Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, Workflow Management, Warehouse Management Systems, Business Analytics Solutions, Retail Solutions, and e-government solutions.

What is Logo Yazilim?

Logo Yazilim is the Turkish largest software company, formed in 1984. Headquartered in Gebze, today the company offers a wide range of services, apart from its main field of interest — software development.

The visual identity of Logo Yazilim is bold and progressive, executed in a powerful color palette, it looks strong and evokes a sense of stability and innovative approach.

The 1990s — Today

Logo Yazilim logo

The emblem, designed for Logo Yazilim in the 1990s, features a very modern concept, based only on the lettering, which includes just the first part of the company’s name, “Logo”, written in a calm-red and white color palette.

The lettering is set in the lowercase of a custom sans-serif typeface, where each of the letters features a square shape, bold lines, and rounded angles. The first “L” is slightly stretched vertically, having its elongated tail curving under the “O”, but the upper end of the bar in the same level as other symbols.

The combination of intense, yet slightly muted, red shade with white reflects the confidence of the company and its professionalism, along with innovative approach and readiness to move and develop.