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Parfumdreams, a leading German online perfumery, is owned by beauty retailer Douglas, which acquired a majority stake in the company in 2018. Founded  by Kai Renchen, Parfumdreams operates under Parfümerie Akzente and has both an online presence and 28 physical stores in Germany, primarily in the south-west. With over 40,000 products from more than 650 brands, Parfumdreams serves over two million customers across ten European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and France. The company emphasizes customer satisfaction and has seen significant growth, especially in its e-commerce sector​​.

Meaning and history

Parfumdreams, a notable player in the European beauty and cosmetics e-commerce market, was founded in 2004 by Kai Renchen. Originally an independent entity under Parfümerie Akzente, Parfumdreams grew to include an online shop and 28 brick-and-mortar stores in Germany, mainly in the southwestern region. This growth was powered by a robust online business, contributing to a rapid expansion of the company. By 2017, Parfümerie Akzente, the parent company of Parfumdreams, reported net sales of approximately 75 million Euros, showcasing the success of its online and physical retail mix.

Parfumdreams distinguished itself by offering a wide range of high-quality beauty products, encompassing over 850 brands. The company continuously revised its offerings to include both classic and trendy products, catering to a diverse customer base. This strategy was supplemented by an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, a hallmark of Parfumdreams’ business approach. Additionally, the company demonstrated a commitment to environmental sustainability, operating with paper-free processes and generating more electricity than it used through a photovoltaic system.

A significant shift in Parfumdreams’ trajectory occurred in 2018 when Douglas, a leading retailer in the European beauty industry, acquired a majority stake in Parfumdreams. This acquisition was part of Douglas’s #FORWARDBEAUTY strategy, aimed at bolstering its position in the European e-commerce market. Following the acquisition, Parfumdreams continued to operate under its existing brand name, with Kai Renchen remaining as Managing Director. He also joined Douglas’s top management team, bringing his considerable e-commerce expertise to the table. This acquisition allowed Douglas to implement a two-brand strategy, enhancing its online retail competitiveness and addressing a broader spectrum of customer needs with a diverse product portfolio and personalized marketing strategies.

Throughout its history, Parfumdreams has demonstrated a strong ability to adapt and grow in the dynamic beauty market. Its focus on customer satisfaction, quality products, and innovative approaches to e-commerce set it apart as a key player in the industry​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Parfumdreams Logo

The logo features a lowercase script in a modern, sans-serif typeface that communicates a clean and contemporary aesthetic. A playful, stylized flower-like asterisk punctuates the start of the name, suggesting a connection to nature and fragrance. The rounded characters of the word “parfumdreams” convey a sense of approachability and friendliness, while the symmetry and simplicity of the design suggest efficiency and modernity. The logo’s minimalistic design allows for versatility across various platforms and marketing materials.