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Paragon is an IT company, which specializes in the development of data storage software. The company was established in 1994 in Germany and today it has offices on all the continents.

Meaning and history

The Paragon visual identity is minimalist and modern. Composed of a wordmark with an emblem, it uses a bright orange color, which makes it stand out from the list of competitors.

Paragon Emblem

The Paragon nameplate in all the capitals is built in two levels — the upper one with “Paragon” in large letters and the lower one with “Software” in a smaller size. Both words are executed in a slim sans-serif typeface, which looks light and balanced.

The Paragon emblem is a stylized letter “P”, drawn in smooth bold lines and horizontally divided into two parts by a thin white line.

Paragon Logo

The Paragon logo is confident and powerful. It evokes a sense of progress and energy, showing a constantly developing company, which values creativity and safety.

The orange and gray color palette of the Paragon logo is a perfect balance between bright and calm, between playfulness and serious and fundamental approach. The logo looks fresh and crispy, as well as powerful and professional.

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