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Pacific Life is a financial and insurance services provider, which was established in 1868 in the United States. Started in California, today the company operates mostly in Nebraska and has around 4 thousand employees in its offices. The company has a wide range of various services and products suitable both to individual customers and commercial ones.

Meaning and history

The bright and kind visual identity of a famous American insurer evokes a friendly and warm sense, reflecting the company’s essence and the customer as the center of its value system.

The logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem above it. The nameplate is set in two levels and colored blue, while the emblem features a lighter shade if the main color for water and sky.

The firm’s emblem depicts an image of a Humpback Whale, which become the corporate symbol in 1997. The whale, jumping off the water, is placed in a semicircular frame, which softens the logo and makes it look more friendly and welcoming.

Pacific Life Emblem

Whales are known to symbolize creativity and intuition, along with guidance and stability. With the blue and white color palette of the visual identity, which stands for loyalty, confidence and trustworthiness, the mascot animal of the insurer fully reflects the essence and main principles of the company.

What is Pacific Life?
Pacific Life is a diversified financial services company, known for its life insurance, retirement solutions, and investment products. Renowned for its stability and innovative offerings, it continues to be a trusted name in financial security.


The elegant wordmark of the firm’s logo in all capital letters is executed in a stylish and elegant serif typeface, which is pretty similar to Boardwalk Avenue Serif Regular, but with letters “P” and “F” modified.

The custom nameplate in deep blue has two lines, where “Pacific Life” on top is written in a bolder lines and “& Annuity Company” in a lighter and finer one.

Despite the fact the inscription features only capitals, it still has first letters of each word enlarged. It adds a sense of traditional approach and professionalism.

Pacific Life Logo


One of the oldest American insurance companies was organized in 1868 and grew into one of the Fortune500 nominees, serving both individual customers and big corporations, including more than 50 biggest USA companies.

The wide range of the company’s products includes life insurance, mutual funds, annuities, as well as pension plans and investment offers. The group aims to provide customizable solutions for everyone, offering a full line of products and services.

Except for its high-class services and a variety of products, the group is known for its volunteer and donation activities, which they held annually. Throughout its history, the company donated over 100 million USD to different non-profit organizations. And this makes it one of the most Ethical companies in the world.

The company provides its customers with all the information through their website and phone-line, where the consulting specialist is available for answering questions 24/7.

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