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Protective Life is an American company, which specializes in financial and insurance services. The group was established in 1907 in Alabama and today has its operating offices all over the United States. The company has almost 3 thousand employees and annual revenue of 5 billion USD.

Meaning and history

Protective Life Logo history

Before 2021

Protective Life before 2021

The firm’s visual identity is minimalist and laconic. Its logo is composed of a neat wordmark with and emblem above it.

The logo is executed in a light blue and black color palette, which is a perfect choice for an insurance company. While black represents seriousness and professionalism of the organization, light blue points on the responsibility and evokes a fresh and friendly feeling.

The company’s emblem is an arch, which starts above one “T” of the nameplate and finishes above the second one. The bow has a solid circle in the middle.

The firm’s symbol resembles a bridge, which connects the business with its customers across the country, giving an opportunity to get the best medical and financial services.

The smooth circular shapes of the firm’s emblem represent balance and evoke a sense of comfort, which the company aims to provide their customers with.

It is a modern and minimalist visual identity, which is very actual and memorable. The simple color palette and traditional forms of the company’s visual identity show the firm at its best and puts the customer in the center of its value system.

2021 – Today

Protective Life logo


The wordmark of the corporate visual identity consists of a single “Protective” word and is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Neue Helvetica, which it’s strong traditional lines and rounded shapes of the letters.

It is widely spaced and looks solid but not overloaded, evoking a sense of expertise and serious fundamental approach.


Protective Life is a big insurance corporation, which was founded by William Dorsey Jelks, the former governor of Alabama state, in 1907. The company has more than 100 years of experience in providing American citizens with the best products and services in the insurance segment.

The insurer offers various products including life insurance and annuities available in immediate, fixed or indexed plans, they also provide retirement services and pay a lot of attention to their Foundation.

The corporation’s foundation supports numerous organizations in the United States through volunteering and financial contribution.

Protective Life annuities and policies are distributed through a wide network of brokers and individual agents, along with the company’s offices across the country and partnership organizations.