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Pace university is a private educational institution located in New York City. They offer more than 100 academic programs in various fields of business and adjoined sciences. The university has 4 campuses located in the New York State. They control a large science research complex, including 11 colleges, many departments and scientific centers. In these facilities, more than 1200 professors provide their students with a professional preparation for life.

Meaning and history

Pace University Logo history

In 1906, the brothers Homer and Charles Pace founded the company named Pace & Pace to manage the schools of management, business, and law. The two brothers rented one of the areas in the Tribune Tower of NYC. Initially, their Pace Institute courses were held also in many cities of the country, but soon it was ceased as it was inefficient. In 1947, the Pace Institution was given the status of College. Four years later, the college had bought its first campus construction. In 1973, the local administration of education gave the college status of university, as it grew into a large facility.

What is Pace University?
Pace University is a privately owned organization located in New York, USA. It’s an educational and scientific complex, situated in 4 campuses and 11 colleges, as well as numerous departments and organizations. PU offers 100+ programs of study related mainly to business, management, law and economics. The university professors, collaborating with their students, conduct multiple researches in the fields of politics, economics and business, often with the financial and informational support from the US government and other organizations.

1906 – today

Pace University Logo 1906

The official seal made for the university is styled as a circle with an outer area contoured by a bold line, and a core image. The outer frame features the university name and its address. Deeper in the seal, there is a girl sitting on a stone, and holding a wreath in one hand and a paper in another. We can also find the ‘opportunitas’ motto, placed centrally at the top of the seal’s central zone. The ‘New York’ inscription is placed centrally at the bottom, and the year of foundation written in Roman characters and above the lettering.

1906 – today

Pace University Logo

The university logotype represents the large ‘Pace’ word, written above the smaller ‘University’ inscription.


The fonts of the logotype and the seal inscriptions are different. In the seal, the brand designers have used a typical typeface with uppercase letters having small serifs. The upper ‘Pace University’ lettering is enlarged and made bolder, while the ‘opportunitas’ motto has a wide space between characters. In the logo, there are two scripts. One of them reflects the large ‘Pace’ word and has a bold capitalized typeface. Below, there is the small ‘University’ lettering having uppercase sans-serif characters.


Pace University Emblem

The painting palette of the PU brand identity has different templates for the logo and the seal. The first one is colored deep blue for the upper word, and light blue for the lower text. The second one is fully black and white, whereas the black is used for the lines and words, while the white with some addition of black stands for the background and looms of the lady sitting on a stone.