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Barking Heads is a premium UK-based pet food brand, specializing in crafting nutritious meals for dogs and cats. Rooted in using natural ingredients, they shun artificial additives, ensuring a wholesome diet for pets. With a strong foothold in the UK market, they’re expanding their presence internationally.

Meaning and history

Barking Heads emerged from the vision of three individuals in the UK, driven by a shared passion for pet well-being. Launched in 2008, they sought to challenge the pet food market by advocating for cleaner, natural ingredients. Their initial journey was met with skepticism but they persevered, promoting the brand’s values.

Growth was organic. Word-of-mouth and positive pet reactions propelled Barking Heads into the limelight. As they expanded, they ensured product quality remained consistent. Their transparency about sourcing and manufacturing won them loyal customers.

The mid-2010s saw a significant expansion. Recognizing the potential, they ventured into cat food, introducing “Meowing Heads”. Around the same period, there was a surge in international interest, and Barking Heads began exporting.

Pet Food UK Ltd., the umbrella entity, remained their guiding organization. Despite the growth, the founders maintained control, resisting external buy-outs. They did, however, partner with select investors to fuel expansion but ensured the brand’s core ethos remained untouched.

Their success isn’t without challenges. Like any business, they faced competition, changing market dynamics, and evolving customer preferences. But, their commitment to quality, sustainability, and pet health has been their cornerstone.

Over the years, Barking Heads has evolved from a niche brand to a recognized name in the pet food industry. While they’ve scaled up, their mission of providing high-quality, natural pet food remains unchanged.


Barking Heads Logo

The logo presents the phrase “BARKING HEADS” in an artistic, bold font. The letters are a deep navy shade, appearing somewhat chunky with irregular, handcrafted edges. The layout conveys a playful and casual feel, suggesting a brand that is modern yet approachable. The logo’s design is distinct, capturing attention with its pronounced lettering and evoking a sense of friendliness.

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