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Bill Bishop initiated Blue Buffalo in the U.S., driven by a vision to infuse pet diets with superior, wholesome components. This pursuit began with the intent to provide Bishop’s canine companion, Blue, with nutritious alternatives following a cancer battle. Blue Buffalo actively embraces a philosophy that champions real meats and consciously avoids poultry by-products, grains, soy, and synthetic enhancers, dedicating its ethos to boosting pet vitality and wellness with nutrient-dense foods.

Meaning and history

Blue Buffalo, named after a beloved family dog, Blue, embarked on its journey in 2002 in the U.S. Founded by Bill Bishop, who was motivated by Blue’s battle with cancer, the company aimed to transform pet nutrition. Prioritizing natural ingredients and shunning common industry fillers like corn, wheat, and artificial additives, Blue Buffalo’s ethos was clear: wholesome, high-quality food for pets. Rapidly gaining popularity among pet owners for its commitment to health-focused products, the brand expanded its range, catering to various dietary needs of dogs and cats.

Blue Buffalo’s rise in the pet food market was marked by a blend of innovative recipes and heartfelt dedication to pet wellness, distinguishing it from its competitors and forging a unique bond with pet families.

What is Blue Buffalo?
Blue Buffalo stands out as a trailblazing pet food brand, committed to natural, high-grade ingredients, emphasizing real meats and shunning artificial additives. Driven by a sincere mission, the brand ensures pet’s comprehensive health, providing customized nutrition for dogs and cats, drawing inspiration from the founder’s personal journey with their family pet.

2002 – Today

Blue Buffalo logo

The logo presents a striking rhombus with a dynamic checkered pattern border, dominated by a deep blue hue. Centered is the word “BLUE”, underscored by a horizontal line, with the company’s name, “The Blue Buffalo Co.”, encircling the interior space. Above the brand’s name, a silhouette of a bison adds a distinctive character, symbolizing the brand’s robust and natural image. The repetition of the name around the border reinforces the brand’s identity, while the overall design conveys a sense of premium quality.

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