Orange Logo

Orange Logo
The Orange brand appeared in 1990 in the UK following the creation of “Microtel Communications Ltd”. Today it belongs to the French multinational telecommunications corporation Orange S.A. The company has a distinctive logo, which helped to maintain a consistently clean, contemporary, and impactful brand image despite of the fact that it has changed owners more than once.

Meaning and History logo

Orange Logo history

The Orange logo is believed to have been created by the brand consultancy Wolff Olins. The company based in London, New York City, and San Francisco designed not only the wordmark itself, but also developed the brand values, while the famous slogan was created by the advertising agency WCRS. The logo has a rectangular shape, which, according to some sources, is supposed to eliminate any associations with the namesake fruit.


Font Orange Logo
The designers who created the Orange logo used the classic sans-serif Helvetica type as a base. A couple of modifications they applied helped to make the emblem more unique. The color goes incredibly well with the company’s slogan “The future’s bright”.


Color Orange Logo
Taking into consideration the name of the company, it’s hardly a surprise that it chose orange as the main color for its logo.