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canon logo

Canon is a Japanese manufacturer of high-tech products, which include cameras, printers, photocopiers, etc. The company appeared in 1937, and now it is headquartered in Ota, Tokyo.

Meaning and History logo

Canon logo history

The first Canon logo featured an image of Kwanon, the Goddess of Mercy. Some people think that the company gets its name from the goddess’s name and was officially introduced in 1935. In fact, the word has several meanings, which reflected the company’s specialization on high-precision equipment. The image was enclosed in a circle, and the goddess’s name was written below in a flame-shaped font. To emphasize the company’s focus, the emblem was topped by the word “camera”. Later, the company began to use the typographic logo, which has come in various fonts since its inception.

When was the current symbol introduced?

canon symbol
From the point of view of the shape, the Canon logo has stayed the same since 1955. Moreover, the 1955 version was nothing but a modified variant of the wordmark created in 1935 by a graphic designer specializing in advertising. The most distinctive glyph was the “C” with the top end curved inward and a sharp element on its end.


shape canon logo

The current Canon logo is just the company name. The designer chose the red color. This is just another example of the effectiveness of the typographic approach in logo design.


colors canon logo
The red color symbolizes responsibility, laboriousness, purposefulness, energy, and determination.


font canon logo

The logo is written in its signature typerface. The exclusive logo font was introduced by a graphic designer – Gio Fuga.