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Oneworld is one of three major airline alliances in the world, uniting fourteen top flight providers from Europe, North America, East Asia and Middle East. This alliance is the second-oldest and the third-wealthiest one in the world. The Oneworld members generally share facilities, equipment, tech and marketing resources.

Meaning and History

Oneworld was introduced in 1998. It was originally a union of five flag carriers from America, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong. They retained independence, but had to pay membership fees and share their property with other members. In exchange, they gained business opportunities. ‘Oneworld’ alludes to the fact how this alliance helped connect the world even further.

1998 – today

Oneworld Logo

Their original logo is a blue circle (meant to be Earth, naturally) with a prominent lightning effect coming from the top left corner of the figure. That gave it more volume and graphically turned it into more of a ball. In practical terms, the lighting (and shading) effects were gradual. The shades were prominent along the edges, all the while the center was heavily illuminated to various degrees.

Along the midline, there was also the company wordmark: written in lowercase letters of a basic sans-serif font. The ‘One’ bit was much bolder than the other portion of the name, which was extremely slim. The coloring was white for these letters.