Oceanic Airlines Logo

Oceanic Airlines logoOceanic Airlines Logo PNG

Meaning and History

This company was created in Hollywood around the 60s to play a part of an airline in many of the contemporary films, often air disaster movies. The ‘Oceanic’ part in the name refers to the Inter-Atlantic sort of travel that was popular in those times. The company appeared in multiple films since then, including some movies in the 2020s.

1960s – today

Oceanic Airlines Logo

The initial logo of this fictional brand is an inscription ‘Oceanic Airlines’. Both words use sans-serif typefaces of various degrees of boldness, but the blue word ‘Oceanic’ is written in large lowercase letters with one uppercase ‘O’. Below it, there is the part ‘Airlines’, written in small uppercase letters, colored purple.

The emblem used by them depicts a small purple circle with a ring of turquoise around it and another ring of dark blue around that. Tiny specks of purple also surround the outermost layer.

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