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Oblivion is a Bethesda Softworks video-game, which was released in 2006. Being the fourth part of The Elder Scrolls series, Oblivion continues the story of the three previous chapters and has its versions for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Meaning and history

The Oblivion logo, as well as all the logos of The Elder Scrolls series, is fully based on a Daedric alphabet. Both the inscription and the game’s symbol are drawn in one style, which reflects the essence of the famous game.

The Oblivion logo is composed of a nameplate with an enlarged emblem under it. The wordmark in all capitals is executed in a custom serif typeface with thick uneven lines and a metal three-dimensional texture.

Oblivion emblem

The Oblivion emblem is a letter “O” or “Oht” of the Daedric alphabet, which is the ancient one. There is no Daedric language, it is more a symbolic thing, which looks like runes.

The Oht looks like a lowercase “N” with it too flattened and a solid dot inside. This symbol works for both the Oblivion Game and the Oblivion Gates.

Oblivion logo

The color palette of the Oblivion logo is a dark metal on a light beige background. There are some red accents on the emblem, symbolizing blood, but it does not look threatening at all, it evokes a sense of interest and mystery.

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