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Contra is a shooter video-game, created by Konami in 1987. The game has several editions and has its versions available for almost all the possible gaming platforms. Contra is considered to be one of the most popular and most successful shooters of all time.

Meaning and history

Contra Logo

The Contra logo is one of the most constant examples of gaming industry visual identity designs. Once created, in 1987, it was only slightly refined throughout the years.

The Contra logo is composed of a bold wordmark with a graphical element, replacing the first letter “C”.

The Contra lettering in all the capitals is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with rounded angles and straight edges of the letters. The most recognizable detail of the Contra nameplate is its letter “T”, which has its right part of the horizontal bar replaced by the letter’s “R” bar.

The “C” of the Contra nameplate is replaced by an open ring of a fire, which repeats the silhouette on an enlarged “C”.

The orange and gray color palette of the Contra logo was chosen in 1987 and by today it only gained a thicker and smoother red outline, which makes the lettering more distinct and bright.

The Contra logo is not overloaded, it looks just like it has to and is instantly recog-nizable across the globe.