New Quiz for car enthusiasts from the creators of the 1000logos website

Car Logo Quiz is a new quiz game from the creators of the most popular site about logos. Taking into consideration the portal specifics and their long-term experience, it can be stated with certainty, that this game is the best one in its category because the logos collection is thoroughly thought out and chosen so that it would be interesting for everyone to play.


Car Logo Quiz

The point of the Car Logo Quiz is to guess car brands’ logos. Over 500 logos divided into 12 levels of difficulty with beautiful animation guarantee a great pastime for the whole family. With two levels of difficulty, you can test your knowledge of the world’s car logos.

In the easy mode, each question has 4 answer choices, and if you can’t decide, the hints come to help. As for the Difficult mode, you will be given a photo of the logo, and no options, just a blank field where you gotta type the right answer. For two modes there are two sets of hints: you can whether remove wrong options or open hidden letters.

The 12 levels of the Car Logo Quiz include the Secret Level and the Super Game, with the toughest questions, which will make struggle even those of you, who think they know all possible car badges in the world. This game is not as easy as it may seem at the first glance, and this is what makes it interesting and exciting.

1000 Quiz for car

The Car Logo Quiz from 1000Logos is available to download for free for both Android and iOS operating systems. The game has a small size, which does not affect the quality of graphics and animations. Another advantage of the quiz is that it can be played offline, with no internet connection.

You can play the Car Logo Quiz for free, but some paid hints are available in the in-game store. You also earn coins by passing levels, which can be used to get extra hints. If you guess the car brand of the logo, you move on to the next logo. Otherwise, you lose lives (hearts). When all the hearts are gone, you will have to start from the beginning or get more lives from the store. The principle is pretty usual for all games of this kind, but the quality and the right selection of logos and emblems make this quiz truly remarkable and worthy of downloading.

1000 Quiz for car

It is highly recommended to download for everyone interested in world brands or cars’ visual identity, as a guarantee of a great pastime and even for educational reasons. As the creators of Car Logo Quiz are known for another project — the website, the largest and most popular web portal in logo history, which is being updated daily, and has all the latest news from the world of branding.

The application is also constantly being updated, so you can be sure you will always have fresh options to play with. The developers follow all the redesigns of the emblems of the companies, so all the relevant changes will be available not only on their website but also in the game itself.