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New England Revolution is the name of a football club from the United States, which was established in 1994 in Boston. A pretty successful soccer team of Major League Soccer today is owned by The Kraft Group and has Bruce Arena as the head coach.

Meaning and history

New England Revolution Logo history
New England Revolution is the club with the most patriotic visual identity in the MLS or Major League Soccer. Its logo was created in 1995 and was redesigned only once, keeping the main symbol and style almost untouched.

1995 — 2008

New England Revolution 1995

The logo of the New England Revolution club was introduced in 1995 and boasted a sleek stylized American flag, executed in smooth crayon lines. The main idea behind the team’s badge was in replacement of the blue square with white stars by a blue and white football with star pattern.

The wordmark in black and blue was placed under the emblem and set in two levels with the “New England” part in black capitals executed in a classy serif font located above the modern and bold “Revolution” in custom sans-serif, written in blue in the same crayon-style the red stripes of the flag were executed.

The lower level inscription was slightly italicized, evoking a sense of movement and speed. It looked strong and very recognizable.
New England Revolution Alternate logo
The stylish logo was redesigned in 2009, but the main part of the badge remained the same, except for the color palette, which became a bit brighter and stronger — the red of the stripes gained a darker shade.

As for the main change — it was about the wordmark, which got completely removed from the new emblem. So today the New England Revolution visual identity is a sleek and minimalist stylized national flag of America with curly bold lines and a white football with blue stars on it.

The blue, white, and red color palette of the club’s logo is not only a celebration of their homeland but also a reflection of the powerful character, strong will, and passion for soccer.

2021 — Today

New England Revolution logo
The 2021 logo depicts a circle image with a blue outline and a new team emblem in the middle. This symbol depicts a cockade of red and blue with a white Gothic ‘R’ in the center, pierced by a red line. Above and below this emblem, they’ve placed bits of the team’s name. On the sides – two halves of 1996, the founding year.

New England Revolution Colors

HEX COLOR: #E51938; 
RGB: (229,25,56)
CMYK: (4,100,82,1)

HEX COLOR: #002B5C; 
RGB: (0,43,92)
CMYK: (100,88,35,30)