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NEFF is a German brand of kitchen appliance manufacturer, which was established in 1977 in Bretten. The company is known for its luxury product design and exceptional quality. The brand was acquired by BSH Hausgerate in 1982.

Meaning and history

The Neff visual identity is solid and strong. Composed of a wordmark with a delicate symbol it looks elegant despite the thickness of its letters.

The Neff nameplate in all the capitals is executed in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface, where only one vertical bar of each letter is thick, in the case with “N” it is the diagonal one.

The brand’s emblem, a circle with a horizontal line on its bottom. The symbol is placed around the letter “N” and in the first versions of the Neff visual identity, it was just something abstract.

Neff logo

However, with the last redesign, the symbol became open at its lowest point. Now it is an Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

The calm burgundy and white color palette of the Neff logo is elegant and timeless. It shows the brand as a high-end one, with expertise in design and quality.

Some versions of the Neff logo also have a tagline “Cooking Passion Since 1877” written in thin all capitals, it’s placed on a dark gray slim rectangle under the main wordmark. The gray color balances the Neff logo, adding a sense of harmony and sophistication.

Font and Color

The bold and solid Neff logotype is executed in an extra-bold geometric typeface with massive square shapes. The font of the wordmark is very close to such famous font as Linotype Killer Regular, in which every letter is a separate block, able to live on its own, evoking a sense of confidence and power.

The official Neff color palette is composed of two shades — burgundy and white, which together create a strong and elegant contrast, representing high quality, professionalism, and expertise. White adds a sense of loyalty and transparency to a royal burgundy tone, which stands for strength, wisdom, and authority.

Another option of the brand’s color palette is monochrome, which elevated the seriousness and professional qualities of the company to the top.

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