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Mustela is a French brand of skincare products for babies and mothers, which was established in 1950. The brand belongs to the pharmaceutical laboratory Laboratoires Expanscience and offers a wide range of high-quality hypoallergenic products for women during and after pregnancy and their babies.

Meaning and history

Unlike many other cosmetic brands, which we know today, Mustela has chosen its specialization from the first days and has never thought of changing it. The first product of the brand, cleansing milk for sensitive baby skin, was introduced in 1950, and in several years the portfolio of the brand already featured several names in it.
Until today, the main target of the company is to create its products with as many natural ingredients as possible, not to harm the sensitive skin of babies and their moms. This is why you can buy Mustela products not only in the supermarkets but also in pharmacies, in almost a hundred counties all over the globe.

What is Mustela?
Mustela is the skincare brand, which was established in France in the 1950s, and today is owned by Laboratories Expanscience. The brand specialized in the production of natural and hypoallergenic cosmetics for women and babies.

In terms of visual identity, the French brand of natural skincare is very clean and fresh, which brilliantly evokes the idea of the label and its products. The development of Mustela cosmetics involves pharmacists, allergists, and toxicologists. There are no harmful substances in their composition. And in the same way, there is nothing superfluous in the brand logo.
The logo of the brand has changed several times throughout history, but these have always been minor changes — a slight alternation of the typeface, the height of the letters, and the depth of the colors.

???? — 1950

Logo Mustela

The Mustela logo has a playful, happy vibe, which perfectly fits products intended for babies. Executed in a calm and modest blue and white color palette, the logo is decorated by a horizontal line with its ends slightly raised, which makes it look like a smile. As for the color palette, the combination of the shades, used in the Mustela logo is a commonly known symbol of reliability and professionalism.
The typeface of the logotype is soft and rounded. It looks like the design team deliberately avoided sharp angles. For instance, they opted for the lowercase version of the “M”. The closest commercial font to the one used in the logo of the skincare brand is FF Real Head Book.