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Muhammadiyah is the name of the religious organization, which was established in 1912 in Indonesia. Dedicated to Islam, Muhammadiyah successfully operates globally, having more than 50 million members from all over the world. The organization is mostly known for its educational and social campaigns.

Meaning and history

Muhammadiyah logo

Muhammadiyah is the second largest Muslim organization in Indonesia and seeks to gain influence in the international Ummah. As evidence of the validity of their claims, the leaders of this organization cite such virtues as moderation, restraint, and the ability to understand each other. To tell whether such claims are true, it is important to know the history of the organization, the ideas, and the principles that formed its basis.

The visual identity of the Islamic Organization is very elegant and sophisticated, representing the value of faith and Muslim traditions. The logo is set in the shape of the sun, or a twelve-pointed star, and has Arabic lettering set in the middle, on the solid colored circle, which it outlines with negative space and additional green lettering around it.

There are three options of color palette for Muhammadiyah’s visual identity — green, blue and white, and monochrome, depending on the needs of the organization and placement. Though the green and white logo is the official one. In Islam green is the sacred color, which symbolized Paradise, along with the religious meaning, this color also stands for wellbeing and prosperity, while white letters and accents represent loyalty and cleanliness of soul.

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