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EAA LogoEAA Logo

EAA is an abbreviation for European American Armory, which is a firearms manufacturer, founded in 1990 in the United States. The company distributes its products all over the USA and is mainly known for its handguns.

Meaning and history

The EAA Corporation features a strong and brave visual identity, which is based on the company’s name, graphically stylized.

The EAA wordmark in red extra bold sans-serif lettering looks like it was unevenly cut from an atlas page. The upper parts of the letters feature thin white stripes, while the bars of the “E” and middle parts of both “A” feature torn edges as if they were burned.

Some versions of the EAA logo feature the full name of the company written around the abbreviation, however, the most commonly used logo is the one with three main letters and “Corp” placed vertically along the right bar of the last “A”.

EAA logo
It is executed in a custom sans-serif, with a stenciled “C”, which looks brutal and sharp.

The intense red of the EAA logo looks strong and powerful, whatever the placement is. It is a reflection of a confident and professional company with a great passion for what it does.

The EAA logo is unique and instantly recognizable. It is a kind of quality mark, representing the company with a good reputation and rich experience.