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In 2008, MTS was ranked the most valuable brand in Russia – it was the only brand to be seen in the Top 100 World’s Most Powerful Brands list by Financial Times. In 2010, the Interbrand ranking also chose it as the most valuable Russian brand.

Meaning and history

MTS Logo history


MTS Logo 1993

The original MTS logo was pretty cluttered. There was the red “M” with blue shade paired with the letters “TC” in blue and white (which is “TS” in the Russian alphabet). There was the lettering “GSM” below and a strange red, blue, and white loop (or a bullseye).


MTS Logo 2002

The design was now featured over a yellow SIM card, which only made it even more cluttered.


MTS Logo 2006

This is when the now-iconic egg logo was introduced. The new brand identity was part of the rebranding strategy of JSFC Sistema, the parent company of MTS.

The logo now consisted of two red squares placed next to each other. The left square housed a white egg representing simplicity and genius. The right square housed the lettering “MTC.” There was also an English version where the name of the company was “MTS.” The same structure of the logo was used by other JSFC Sistema’s telecom subsidiaries, although the colors were different.


MTS Logo 2010

In 2010, MTS purchased Sistema Telecom, the owners of the “egg” emblem. As a result, it became the only owner of the logo.

The design was slightly updated. The corners of the left square were rounded while the right square disappeared leaving only the lettering “MTC” in red. The type was slightly modified, too.
There was also a 3D version, where white highlights were added around the egg.

MTS Emblem


MTS Logo 2015

A large red patch was added behind the emblem.


MTS logo

Both the red patch and the square have disappeared. Now, the MTS logo features only the egg and the name of the company, which is given in a slightly different type than before.