ZTE Logo

ZTE Logo
Like many Chinese companies working internationally, ZTE has a logo comprising the wordmark in both English and Chinese.

Meaning and History logo

ZTE Logo history

Describing its logo, the company uses the following adjectives: “harmonious, integrating, flexible, and interactive.” The flowing shape symbolizes the free flow of information.

Global symbol

ZTE symbol
The ZTE logo used abroad is absolutely minimalistic. There’s nothing more than the three capital letters of the company name. Moreover, the type itself is also a very simple sans serif one – it doesn’t seem to have any features making it stand out. The ends are rounded; the glyphs have a traditional shape. Yet, it looks modern, sleek, and perfectly readable, which seems only natural for a company dealing with telecommunication. Here, getting the message across and being understood is more important than being unique.

Emblem used in China

ZTE emblem
In addition to the letters “ZTE” from the global logo, the version used domestically also includes the name of the company in Chinese.


ZTE Logo
The shade of blue featured on the ZTE logo is saturated and eye-pleasing. It’s dark enough to make the necessary contrast with the white background, and yet, it doesn’t sacrifice its bright and vivid mood for the sake of contrast. According to the company, the color was chosen for its “youthful and lively” feel.