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Moody’s is a consulting company from the United States, which was established in 1909 and named after its founder, James Moody. The company specializes in providing its clients with all kinds of financial services and has a very good reputation.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the reputable American company has always been very minimalist and simple. The logo of Moody’s is composed of a single wordmark and nothing else. Along with the logotype, the company also uses a very modest and strict icon, mainly for web sites.

The Moody’s wordmark in bright blue is executed in all capital letters, but with the first “M” enlarged. The inscription is written in a classy traditional serif typeface, which is very close to ITC Legacy Serif Medium and Legacy Serif Book SC fonts.

Moody’s Logo

Its clean straight lines create a sense of professionalism and fundamental approach, while the blue and white color palette represent reliability and protection, along with loyalty and willingness to provide their customers with the best service available.

For the icon, the company uses just one letter “M”, executed in the same blue color and same typeface. The letter is placed inside a white square with a thin blue outline. It is really laconic, yet perfectly suits the company’s profile and does show the firm as the one with a good reputation. The simplicity here is synonymous with expertise and quality, so Moody’s visual identity reflects exactly what the customers need to see, and what the company wants to tell.

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