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Mamasandpapas ( or Mamas & Papas) is a British company, which specializes in the design and distribution of baby and maternity products, along with furniture and accessories. The company was established in 1981 and opened its online retail platform in the 2010s. Today it is one of the most popular nursery brands, that serves customers across the globe.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the famous online retailer is minimalist and stylish. The company’s text-based logo looks modest yet contemporary and professional.

The inscription, placed in two levels features dark gray color as a main. When used on a white background, it evokes a sense of reliability and trustworthiness, representing a powerful and confident brand, which values quality above all.

The previous version of the logo featured the same simple shapes but had one colorful accent — a line green ampersand, which today is also colored gray. The lime green was meant to symbolize growth, energy and new life, adding some playfulness and freshness to the visual identity.

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For the web and mobile apps icon, the retailer uses only two letters “M” and “P” with an ampersand. They are drawn in gray and placed one under another on a white background. This laconic symbol is recognizable and memorable.

But the current monochrome logo looks more modern and strong, being a great example of a contemporary powerful brand.


The wordmark in all the lowercase looks friendly and welcoming. It is executed in a neat and clean sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Korto Medium, a stylish font, which is incredibly elegant and distinct.

The wordmark is the only element of the company’s visual identity and it is perfectly balanced and stylized in order to reflect the brand’s essence and character, putting the customer in the center of its value system.


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Mamas & Papas is a very well-known brand across the globe, it has a perfect reputation as the quality maternity and baby products supplier. The company keeps developing, offering more and more new products and designs to their beloved customers.

Making everything for pregnancy and first years of the baby’s life to pass easy and comfortable, the company produces a wide range of goods, including baby furniture, car seats, and carriers, along with bath and skincare products, baby and maternity clothing and accessories. The brand also offers books toys and some electric appliances.

Started as a UK business, today the company operates across the globe through its international online store and physical shops located in almost 50 countries worldwide.

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