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Lauda Air is an Austrian airline founded by Niki Lauda, a former Formula One racing driver. The company operates as a subsidiary of Ryanair Holdings and focuses on scheduled and charter flights. With its headquarters in Vienna, Lauda Air serves various destinations worldwide, providing reliable and efficient air travel services to passengers.

Meaning and history

Lauda Air Logo history
Lauda Air is an Austrian airline founded by Formula One champion Niki Lauda. It operates both scheduled and charter flights, catering to leisure and business travelers. Lauda Air is known for its high-quality service and commitment to customer satisfaction. The airline offers a range of amenities and in-flight entertainment options to enhance the passenger experience. With a focus on safety and efficiency, Lauda Air maintains a modern fleet of aircraft. It serves various destinations across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, providing convenient travel options for passengers. Lauda Air’s reputation is built on its reliability, punctuality, and attention to detail. The airline continues to expand its routes and services, striving to meet the evolving needs of its customers while upholding its commitment to excellence.

What is Lauda Air?
Lauda Air was an Austrian airline founded by Formula 1 racing driver Niki Lauda in 1979. It operated as a charter and scheduled airline, offering both passenger and cargo services. Lauda Air was known for its high-quality service and operated flights to various destinations worldwide before it was merged with Austrian Airlines in 2012.

1985 – 2003

Lauda Air Logo 1985
The early Lauda Air logo featured bold stylized lettering in a posh red and GOL color palette, with a hint of art deco. The logotype was accompanied by a delicate and light “Austrian Airlines Group” lettering in black serif characters, with a small red emblem on the right.

2003 – 2013

Lauda Air Logo
The redesign of 2003 has only slightly refined the Lauda Air logo composition, keeping the main element almost untouched, with just the color palette a bit intensified. As for the tagline, it was significantly changed. With the red “Austrian” followed by a red emblem and inscribed into a black “The Austrian way to holidays” motto.