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While the Finnair logo has gone through at least three updates, the overall style has been pretty consistent.

Meaning and history

Finnair Logo history
The Finnish national company Finnair was founded on November 1, 1923 under the name Aero OY. It began operating flights on March 20, 1924. At that time it operated flights from Finland to Tallinn.
In 1946, the Finnish government acquired a majority stake in the airline and on November 1, 1947, it resumed passenger flights to Europe. On 25 June 1968, the airline was renamed Finnair.
Today the company has a fleet of more than 70 aircraft’s, and operates flights to 108 locations across the globe, including destinations in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the United States.

What is Finnair?
Finnair is the name of the main national airline of Finland. The company started its flights in 1923. Finnair’s base airport is Helsinki-Vantaa. At the moment, the air carrier is a member of the Oneworld Alliance and has a fleet of 70 Airbus, ATR and Embraer aircraft.


Finnair Logo 1968
The original design was developed by Kyosti Varis. It featured an “F” with a tail. The letter was placed inside a blue circle. The name of the brand next to the circle featured an italicized all-caps type, where some of the corners were rounded.


Finnair Logo 2000
The updated emblem was designed by SEK & Grey. The number of rounded corners grew, while the “F” moved to the right.


Finnair logo

The type was updated once again. Now, the letters seemed to have been formed out of a ribbon. The “F” and the name of the company can be used as independent logos.

Font and color

The modern and stylish Finnair logotype in all capitals is executed in a unique custom typeface, created especially for the company. Its geometric italicized sans-serif lettering is based on such commercial fonts as FP Head Pro Italic Bold and House Soft Expanded Extra Hold Italic, but with its letter-lines resembling folded ribbons, and with the diagonally cut edges softened.

The color palette of the FINNAIR company is based on the main Finnish combination, blue and white, repeating the color scheme of its national flag. The calm and intense shade of blue here stands for reliability and confidence, showing the seriousness of the brand and its value of high quality in everything, including the comfort of its passenger, services, and design.