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Krups is a German brand of small appliance manufacturer, which was founded in 1846 by Robert Krups. The company focuses on production of coffee machines and food preparation devices.

Meaning and history

Logo Krups

The Krups logo is an example of German quality design. It is simple and confident. Just a wordmark in a clean-lined sans serif and a monochrome palette.

Everything in this logo speaks quality and reliability. Krups values its products design and innovation. They create futuristic forms with traditional functionality. And the Krups logo is a perfect reflection of the brand’s philosophy.

The monochrome palette of the logo makes it timeless and elegant, while the typeface adds a modern feeling of style. The company’s first motto was “Beyond Reason”, which is a celebration of Krups’ values and ideals.

What is Krups?
Krups is a well-known company specializing in kitchen appliances. They offer a range of products including coffee machines, blenders, toasters, and electric kettles. With a reputation for quality and innovation, Krups has become a trusted brand among home cooks and coffee enthusiasts.