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Kili Technology, established in 2018, emerged from the collaboration of Edouard d’Archimbaud and François-Xavier Leduc. Initially conceived at BNP Paribas under d’Archimbaud’s leadership, the idea matured into a technology firm with a focus on conquering data challenges in AI applications. The company, headquartered in Paris, France, has designed a data labeling platform essential for training AI models. Their technology simplifies fast annotation, collaboration, quality control, and data management, making it a vital tool in the AI industry. Kili Technology has manifested its global aspirations by aiding businesses worldwide in harnessing high-quality data to build trustworthy AI systems.

Meaning and history

Kili Technology Logo history

Kili Technology was envisioned in 2018 by Edouard d’Archimbaud and François-Xavier Leduc. D’Archimbaud, while at BNP Paribas, spearheaded one of the most sophisticated AI Labs in Europe, and together with Leduc, recognized the pivotal role of data in AI, leading to the birth of Kili Technology. This Paris-based firm has since engineered a data labeling platform that facilitates efficient annotation, collaboration, and data management, essential for training accurate AI models. By 2020, their platform was operational, attracting initial customers, and by 2021, they secured over $30M in funding from Serena, Headline, and Balderton, underscoring the growing confidence in their innovative solutions. Today, Kili Technology continues its mission of empowering businesses globally to create reliable AI through high-quality data, steadily carving its niche in the AI industry.

What is Kili Technology?
Kili Technology is a Paris-based tech firm founded in 2018 by Edouard d’Archimbaud and François-Xavier Leduc, specializing in providing data labeling solutions crucial for AI training. Through its platform, the company tackles challenges in fast annotation and data management, enabling businesses globally to develop reliable AI systems with high-quality data.

2018 – 2022

Kili Technology Logo 2018

The KILI TECHNOLOGY logo marries modern design principles with a hint of dynamism. The central emblem is reminiscent of a tilted, forward-moving arrow or boomerang, suggesting direction, progression, and purpose. Crafted in a vibrant shade of blue, it is both bold and inviting, embodying the essence of advanced tech solutions. The arrow’s unique shape, with its bifurcated tail, reinforces the idea of multiple pathways converging in one direction, symbolizing integrated technology solutions. The brand’s name, “KILI TECHNOLOGY,” is spelled out beneath the emblem in an authoritative yet sleek typeface. The solid capitalized letters impart a sense of stability and reliability, and the clear spacing ensures readability, making the logo both compelling and user-friendly.

2022 – Today

Kili Technology Logo

Minimalist yet impactful, the second “KILI” logo showcases ingenious typography. The brand’s name is abstracted and stylized, using bold, geometric shapes. The “K” is particularly striking, designed as a juxtaposition of two stark, elongated triangles. The two “I”s are depicted as vertical rectangles capped with round shapes, evoking an image of ancient monolithic structures or even digital interfaces. The “L” bridges these elements, serving as a connection and foundation. Rendered in a solid black, the logo exudes confidence, precision, and elegance. The use of negative space, particularly between the characters, lends a contemporary feel. This emblem, while simplistic, communicates the brand’s forward-thinking approach and its foundation in robust, clear-cut solutions.