Kenwood Logo

Kenwood logo
The Kenwood brand became so popular that its recognition surpassed that of its parent company, the Japanese Trio Corporation. That’s why, the Corporation eventually decided to replace its own name by “Kenwood.”

Meaning and History logo

Kenwood Logo history

The word “Kenwood” consists of the two components:

  • the name “Ken” popular in the US and Japan
  • the word “wood,” which was used for two reasons (to refer to Hollywood, California, as well as to symbolize the durability of wooden products)

Original symbol

Kenwood symbol
In 1961, the Trio Corporation introduced the logotype for its new Kenwood brand. It sported a bold sans serif type. The letters were given in dark orange. On the right, there was an emblem depicting a tree with an elliptical crown.

The 1986 emblem

Kenwood emblem
The modified Kenwood logo featured the brand name in black against the white background. In the very center of the word, above the letter “w,” there was a red triangle, which made the emblem recognizable.


The simplistic sans serif typeface looks clean and perfectly legible.