Fitbit Logo

Fitbit Logo
The Fitbit logo creates a good balance of “friendly” and “tech”, conveys the idea of movement, and works well at small sizes (especially the current logo).

Meaning and History logo

Fitbit Logo history

The company was established in San Francisco, California, in 2007. Its first product was the Fitbit Tracker device enabling its owner to measure personal metrics involved in fitness.


Fitbit symbol
The first Fitbit logo was created by James Park, the company’s CEO and one of its founders. The logotype consisted of two parts: a “diamond” made by dark grey (almost black) and teal dots and the wordmark next to it. One could notice an arrow created by the dark grey dots inside the “diamond”. The distinctive feature of the wordmark was that the dots above the letters “i” were given not in dark grey, like the letters themselves, but in teal.


Fitbit Emblem
At the very beginning of 2016 Fitbit introduced a modified logotype. In addition to the changes in the color palette and the font, which will be discussed further, there were rather noticeable alterations inside the “diamond”. The arrow design disappeared. Yet, the idea of moving forward was still present in the new logo because of the way the dots of different sizes were positioned.


Font Fitbit Logo
Both the original Fitbit logo and the current one feature a custom sans-serif lowercase type with attractive roundish letters. The new wordmark, however, has thicker strokes, due to which it works better at small sizes.
Also, the current typeface has lost the rounded ends of the original font. One of the possible reasons is that the company has been trying to create a more mature image, to demonstrate a stronger character. This assumption looks perfectly logical taking into consideration that Fitbit has been competing with some of the world’s largest companies.


Color Fitbit Logo
The old insignia combined teal with dark grey, while in the new one dark blue has been used instead of the dark grey color. The change is barely noticeable unless you use the color picker tool.