Kenmore logo

Kenmore logo
The logotype of the Kenmore brand, which belongs to the Sears Holding, has always been built around the brand’s name.

Meaning and History logo

Kenmore logo history

The word “Kenmore” made its debut on a sewing machine in 1927. The bold yellow letters were given on a black background.

Symbol evolution

kenmore symbol
In 1935-1996, the company used a simple black wordmark on the white background. In the 1997 logo, the color scheme was reversed, the type was replaced by a bold italic one, and a stripe appeared above the wordmark.

The 2010 emblem

kenmore emblem
In the spring of 2010, the Sears Holding announced a major transformation in the history of its Kenmore brand. More than 450 products were introduced. The new range was accompanied by an updated brand identity.
The Kenmore logo that was designed in November 2009 featured the brand name and two stripes in a black square box with rounded corners. The letters, the stripes, and the frame were silver. Some versions featured the words “Elite” or “Pro” below the stripe.


Kenmore logo
The typeface used by the Kenmore brand is a custom one. It was created for the company in 2009.