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Kaplan is the name of a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company, which is special-ized in service-providing for educational organizations, including universities, schools, and colleges. The company also works with large and small businesses, running various trainings, seminars, and certifications.

Meaning and history

The Kaplan logo is simple and professional, as well as the company itself and the services it provides its customers all over the globe. Dedicated to education and certification, the company made its visual identity minimalist and laconic, pointing to the product and its purpose, and showing their professionalism and expertise.

Kaplan logo

The Kaplan logo is composed of a wordmark, outlines in a smooth arched line, starting under the letter “K” and finishing above the “N”, in the upper right corner of the logo. The unique element here is the “K”, which consists of two parts, separated from each other by a small space.

The letters in the inscription are placed pretty far one from another, which makes the solid strict shapes look lighter and more sophisticated, evoking a sense of quality and value of style in everything.

Font and color

The Kaplan logotype in all capital letters is executed in a modern geometric sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Diverda Sans Pro Black font with its solid and massive shapes and clean lines. The strictness of the letters is brilliantly balanced by the smooth underline, while the uniqueness of the brand is accented by its “K”, which is sharp and recognizable.

The blue and white color palette of the Kaplan logo is a representation of stability and seriousness, pointing to the most important things for a company — education, knowledge, and professionalism.

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