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Jira is a bug tracking product. The name comes from the truncated word “Gojira,” which, in translation from Japanese, means “Godzilla.” The company explains that many years ago, developers in Atlassian would call their internal bug-tracking product “Bugzilla,” which later inspired the name of the commercial product.

Meaning and history

Jira Logo history

The Jira logo has been updated multiple times. Yet, despite all the updates, it has always preserved the connection with the visual brand identity of its parent company Atlassian.

What is Jira
Jira is a product used for issue tracking and project management. It was developed by Australian company Atlassian, whose products are used by software development teams and individual software developers.

2002 – 2007

Atlassian Logo 2002

Originally, Jira looked pretty similar to other web apps of that era. The Jira logo was unpretentious – just the four letters of the name of the brand. Even the choice of the type, a generic all-caps sans, didn’t tell anything about the brand. The glyphs were quite heavy and elongated.
We should point out, though, that on the website, the wordmark was placed next to the emblem of Atlassian (Atlas holding the sky above his head). So, in a way, Jira just didn’t need an emblem of its own.

2008 – 2011

Jira Logo 2008

While in the original logo the Atlas emblem was to the right of the wordmark, now, the positions of the elements were reversed. The type looks slightly bolder. The combination of colors (white letters and light blue emblem over the dark blue background) remained almost unchanged with maybe only a slight shift.
Also, the way the Atlas figure looked slightly changed (this reflected the update of the parent company’s logo).

2011 – 2016

Atlassian Logo 2010s

Over a comparatively short timespan in the 2010s, the “sky” held by Atlas was made up of white circles.

2017 – 2017

Atlassian Logo 2010s1

A dramatically different Jira logo was introduced.
To begin with, the uppercase type was replaced by a combination of a capitalized initial and lowercase letters (“Jira” instead of “JIRA”). The wordmark was set in a rather light sans, the glyphs were black.
The emblem can be described as a combination of three partly overlapping arrowheads. They were pointing to the top right corner, thus symbolizing the company’s strive for excellence and openness to the future.
In addition to the main logo, there were also separate logotypes for Jira Software (a square with a hole in the center), Jira Service Desk (hourglass), and Jira Core (a single large arrowhead).
As Atlassian explain in the corporate blog, the basic elements used on the logotypes were inspired by what was core to Jira Software, like code brackets, connoting development teams.


Jira logo

Atlassian has modified its range of products over time, which results in multiple logo updates. As of 2020, the following products have the word “Jira” in their names:

– Jira Software (a square standing on one of its corners. The square is made up of two arrowheads).

Jira Software logo

– Jira Align (there are also two arrowheads, but instead of forming a square, they are slightly shifted in opposite directions).

Jira Align logo

– Jira Work Management (this one looks like a helix).

Jira Work Management logo

– Jira Service Management (hourglass slightly rotated counterclockwise and standing on its lower left angle).

Jira Service Management logo

That is not to say that the logotypes are dramatically different. Conversely, they do convey the impression of being part of a single family (the family of Atlassian products, in this case). This result is partly due to the blue palette, partly due to the type used for the wordmark, as well as the position and proportions of the elements.

Colors and font

Similar to the logotypes of other Atlassian products, Jira logo is available in three palettes: blue, neutral, and white.
The type is Charlie Sans, which is used for the wordmark of other Atlassian products, too.

What does Jira stand for?
Actually, Jita is an African name for a girl, meaning “Related by Blood”, but in this exact case, with an application, this name was derived from the Japanese “Gojira”, which is translated as “Godzilla”, which shows an affiliation to another program of the Atlassian software developer, Bugzilla.

Who created Jira?
Jita is a product, created by the famous Atlassian, an Australian company, developer of software development management software. Atlassian was founded in 2002 in Sydney, and by today Jira is their most popular product.

Can I use Jira logo?
Yes, you can use the Jira logo without the official permission of Atlassian, but only for the identification of the software, and you can not make any changes to it. In any other case the copyright holder permission is required.

What is Jira application?
Jira is a project management tool that helps optimize team work. The principle of the service is similar to the task manager in a computer: it tracks the running processes (projects) and controls the number of resources (employees).

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