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Illustrator Logo

Adobe illustrator Logo PNG

Illustrator is a graphics editor created by Adobe in 1985. As the most part of the company’s programs, Adobe illustrator is at the top of the list of the best vector design and art software in the world.

Meaning and history

illustrator Logo history

illustrator Logo history

The illustrator’s visual identity is based on the corporate style. All the Adobe programs have similar logos and icons, which only vary in wordmarks and their colors.

The strict black square is framed in orange, which is also the main editor’s color and is used for the wordmark. The “Ai” lettering (for the Adobe illustrator) is written in a simple sans-serif font with traditional straight lines and a slightly enlarged dot above the letter “I”.

The spacing of the logo is perfect, it adds balance and sense of lightness, despite the intense and dark color palette.

illustrator Logo

The combination of black and orange is a reflection of creativity and energy, the power and professionalism of the Adobe company and the artsy profile of its illustrator vector graphics editor.

The simplicity and minimalist approach of the brand to its visual identity is a company’s signature. It helps designers across the globe create their masterpieces while staying strict and modest.