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JetBlue Airways Corporation is the best known low-cost airline in the US. Its headquarters are located in the Long Island City neighborhood (New York City).

Meaning and history

The JetBlue logo showcases the word “JetBlue” in an unpretentious sans. Only the letter “B” is uppercase – it breaks the name of the company into two meaningful parts, which makes it easier to understand and better readable.

The fact a letter in the middle of the word is capitalized, while the initial is lowercase, looks pretty unusual. Interestingly, we can see the same approach used in the logos of several other airlines, too. This is because the difference in the height of the glyphs creates upward motion symbolizing a plane taking off (among other things).

While placing a capital letter in the middle of the word without capitalizing the initial is ungrammatical, the upward motion it creates is a way to give a hint on the fact the logo belongs to an airline.

Another way to convey the “airlines” message used by JetBlue is the curves the glyphs – each of the letters contains a curve in its lower half, which is especially notable in the case of the “l.”

The blue color is not only a reference to the name of the airlines but also one more allusion to the “flying” theme, as blue has been a universal symbol of the sky.

Logo JetBlue


The font featured in the JetBlue logo looks very much like FF Din Bold. It is a commercial type, which can also be seen in the logos of Simplehuman (a designer and manufacturer of kitchen and bath tools) and Forever 21 (apparel), to name just a few.

Company overview

JetBlue Airways is a large low-cost airline based in New York City. It commenced operations in early 2000. The list of focus cities includes Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Long Beach, New York (John F. Kennedy International Airport), Orlando, and San Juan.

The number of flights operated each day reaches 1,000. JetBlue is ranked the seventh-largest airline in North America by the number of passengers carried, by frequency, and by fleet size (as of 2020).

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