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Ivrose.com is an international e-commerce platform, which specializes in women’s fashion and accessories distribution. The company operates across the globe and has over 100 thousand items available daily in its catalog. The e-store accepts payments via credit card or PayPal and has flexible shipping rates.

Meaning and history

Ivrose.com Logo history

IVRose.com, a vibrant player in the online fashion retail industry, is owned by the parent company POSTECH FASHION INC. This detail sets the stage for understanding the company’s rise and current standing in the fashion world. Since its inception, IVRose.com has carved out a unique space for itself by offering a wide selection of trendy, in-season clothing pieces at prices that are more accessible than high-end designer brands. This approach has resonated well with a broad audience, especially those who are fashion-conscious but budget-minded.

The company’s main achievements can be traced through its strong online presence and social media influence. On platforms like Instagram, IVRose.com boasts an impressive following of over 835,000, highlighting its significant impact in the digital fashion sphere. Additionally, the brand’s products have been featured in prestigious media outlets such as the BBC and CNBC, which not only amplifies their visibility but also underscores their relevance in contemporary fashion discourse.

Currently, IVRose.com maintains its position as a go-to destination for those seeking fashionable clothing that combines ostentatious styles and bright fabrics without the hefty price tag of luxury brands. This positioning is crucial in an industry where trends are transient and consumer preferences rapidly evolve. By continually updating its product range and staying aligned with the latest fashion trends, IVRose.com successfully sustains its appeal to a global customer base that values both style and affordability​.

What is IVRose.com?
IVRose.com is an online fashion retailer known for its wide array of trendy clothing at affordable prices. Offering everything from spring blouses to cocktail dresses, it’s a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts seeking style without the high cost of designer brands.

2015 – 2020

Ivrose.com Logo 2015

The logo is a sleek and stylized typographic design that spells out “IVROSE.com” in a clean, sans-serif font. The characters are bold and straightforward, with the letters “IVR” and “SE.com” in black, creating a strong visual contrast against a white background. Notably, between the “R” and “SE” is a distinctive graphic element in a soft pink hue – a stylized rose. The rose consists of swirling lines that form the petals, conveying both elegance and simplicity. This floral emblem is cleverly integrated into the logo to break the text and add visual interest, symbolizing beauty and femininity. The overall effect is modern and chic, with a touch of delicacy provided by the rose. The brand is connected to fashion and beauty, catering to a clientele looking for sophistication and grace in their online shopping experience.

2020 – Today

Ivrose.com Logo

The visual identity of the online boutique is delicate and elegant, showing the focus of the company on women’s clothing. The logo, composed of a wordmark with an emblem in its middle, is very recognizable across the globe.

The letter “O” of the nameplate is replaced by the company’s emblem, which depicts a styled rose flower enclosed in a circular frame. It is executed in pink and white colors, which balance the black wordmark and add a bright accent to the whole logo.

The pink, white and black color palette of the e-commerce platform’s visual identity is a reflection of a professional company, with expertise in the fashion segment and values of its customers. The fashion retailer aims to bring happiness to the ladies across the globe, providing them with the latest trends at affordable prices.


The wordmark of the Ivrose logo in all capitals is executed in a light traditional sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Kohinoor Latin Book font. Its simplicity and modesty perfectly balance the bright and elegant emblem, placed in the middle of the nameplate.

The clean and neat lines of the inscription add lightness and freshness to the e-store’s visual identity, making it memorable and timeless.


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The online fashion retailer, focused on the young ladies audience, offers thousands of dresses and accessories at bargain prices and delivers them all over the globe.

The e-commerce platform always runs various flash sales and special deals, selling clothing and shoes for less than $20, plus grant its customers with coupons to save even more on the next order.

The wide range of the online retailer’s goods includes dresses, tops, and bottoms of all the possible styles, along with sleep and loungewear, lingerie, accessories, and shoes. There is also a huge selection of beachwear, which is constantly updating.

The company offers a worldwide shipping service and accepts both credit card and PayPal payments, according to the customers’ wishes. The 24/7 online support does its best for your shopping to be easy and pleasant.