IPN Logo


IPN is an abbreviation, standing for Instituto Politécnico Nacional, one of the most reputable educational organizations in Mexico, which was established in the middle of the 1930s. The Institute has its main facilities in Mexico City, but some of the research centers are located in various states all over the country.

Meaning and history

IPN Logo

The National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico is mostly famous for its architectural and engineer faculties, which have gained a very good reputation since the established ent of the institute in the early 1930s. So the visual identity of IPN is mainly based on geometry and symbols, representing these two directions. Just like the motto of the institute, which can be translated into English as “The Technique at the Service of the Fatherland”.

The IPN logo is executed in a burgundy and white color palette, which symbolizes excellence and wisdom, along with the high quality of education and traditional values of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico.

The logo depicts a complicated mechanism, with a rectangular building set on top of the gear, decorated by a snake (for medicine faculty) and the scales of Themis (for the law faculty). The IPN wordmark is set above the gear, on the right from the geometric building, executed in massive geometric letters and underlined by a thin extended rectangular, in the same burgundy and white color palette.