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Simple as it is, the IHOP logo is the result of a long way from just a pretty picture to a minimalistic, yet meaningful emblem.

Meaning and History logo


The first restaurant of the International House of Pancakes chain opened in 1958 in Toluca Lake, California. The earliest logotype was created by one of the co-founders, Albert Kallis, who was a professional designer. He was the author of many posters for American International Pictures.
The first logo actually looked as if it was part of the stage set for an intriguing story. There was a brown fence and lamp post, in which a box with the “International House of Pancakes” lettering could be seen. The lettering resembled a film poster.


IHOP Symbol
The second logo, adopted in 1982, featured the same brown and orange color scheme and almost the same typeface. It was much simpler, as the “stage set” thing was gone, but it also looked more like a real logo.
In 1994 and 1995 two emblems were created, which were used simultaneously. The acronym “IHOP” emphasized the official change in the company’s name.

The 2015 emblem

IHOP emblem
The current brand identity was designed by Kansas City, MO-based Studio Tilt. The curve under the wordmark resembles a smile, while the letters “o” and “p” are the eyes.


The type featured on the IHOP logo is a simple and clear one with rounded corners.


Color IHOP Logo
The blue, white, and red color scheme has been used since 1994, yet the 2015 version features a slightly different shade of blue than its predecessor.