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Houston Dynamo, also known as La Naranja and Orange Crush, is the name of the football club in the United States, which was established in 2005. Today the soccer club, managed by Matt Jordan, plays in the Major League Soccer and has Tab Ramos as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Houston Dynamo Logo history

Though the team was established in 2005 under the name Houston 1836, and its first logo was created for its first name, it didn’t last more than one year, and later in 2005 the logo was redesigned, as well as the club’s name was changed to Houston Dynamo.


Houston Dynamo 1836
The first name of the team, Houston 1836, was a celebration of American history, a tribute to Texas and its highest city, Houston, as 1846 is the year of its establishment.
The pre-launch logo of the club was composed of a black star, which is also a symbol of Texas, the Lone Star State, a wordmark, and a small football. The star was outlined in orange and had a small orange horse, drawn on its upper part. The “Houston” lettering in white thin sans-serif was placed under the horse and above the boldest and the brightest part of the emblem — the “1836” in thick white lines and delicate orange contouring.
The black and white football was three-dimensional and placed tribute under the “1836”, balancing its thick smooth lines. Two orange vignettes were placed on the left and right from the ball.

2006 — Today

Houston Dynamo logo
The orange, black and white color palette of the Houston logo remained untouched after the visual identity redesign of 2006. Though the style and the shape of the badge were changed dramatically.
Now the Houston Dynamo logo is composed of a sleek black shield in a bold orange outline, with the “Dynamo” lettering crossing it horizontally.
The upper part of the shield featured a white and black football some orange accents, and a white “Houston” lettering arched above it.
Under the “Dynamo” wordmark in bold and sharp custom sans-serif, there is a small white star, surrounded by many thick orange rays, adding a sense of energy and vitality to the whole image.
The black and orange color palette of the Houston Dynamo logo could have looked too boring and dark if not the white accents and nameplate, which balance it, making the whole image powerful and brutal.