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Highmark is an American provider of insurance services, which was established in 1977 and today has a few subsidiaries, operating across the country.

Meaning and history

Highmark has a fine futuristic visual identity, which is composed of a nameplate with a delicate yet strong graphical element.

The sophisticated sans-serif typeface of the all-caps wordmark features straight lines and sharp angles. The tail of the letter “K” is slightly elongated, which adds a playful feeling to the nameplate.

The first “H” and “A” of the inscription have their horizontal bars removed, which makes the logo look modern and stylish, as well as lightweight.

Highmark Logo

The black elegant lettering is complemented by a blue curve, replacing the horizontal bar of “H”. It comes from its right vertical bar, crosses the left and goes upright. The blue line is a symbol of progress and innovations, of the company’s eternal energy.

The black and blue color palette evokes a sense of stability and authority. Placed on a white background, the brand looks reliable and trustworthy.

The Highmark logo is modern and elegant, its fine distinct lines show the company’s confidence today and it is willing to step into tomorrow.