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While we cannot claim the logo of ERGO, a group of insurance companies, is very informative, it is still memorable and eye-catching. This is primarily due to the distinctive typography.

Meaning and history

The ERGO logo is the name of the company in an all-caps sans serif type. The letters may look generic, at first glance, due to their traditional basic proportions. And yet, the moment you take a closer look, you realize their design has a unique edge. For instance, the top left angle of the “E” is sharp, while the lower angle is rounded.

While the shade of red is totally generic and has been used by thousands of other companies, it has also been scientifically proven to have a positive emotional effect on some people.

ERGO Bank emblem

The logo of the namesake bank looks pretty different than the primary ERGO logo. The type is lighter. The word “ERGO” is given in dark blue, while the writing “Bank” features green.

Ergo logo

Company overview

ERGO Group, one of Europe’s largest insurance groups, belongs to Munich Re. It works in more than 30 countries. The majority of them are in Europe and Asia. The number of full-time employees exceeds 40,000.

The group was founded in 1997/1998 as a result of the merger of Victoria Holding AG and Hamburg-Mannheimer AG.