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Hellmann’s is a British brand of mayonnaise manufactured by Unilever since 1913. It is one of the world’s most popular Mayo-label and is distributed across the globe.

Meaning and history

Hellmann's Logo history

Hellmann’s brand is most known for its mayonnaise but it is also used for other food products. It was introduced in 1913. We should also mention the brand Best Foods brand, which belongs to the same company, is used for the same products, and is even marketed similarly.


Hellmann’s Logo 1913

The original logo was by far more cluttered than the current one. In between the text “Richard Hellmann’s” and “Mayonnaise,” a rectangle housing the words “Blue ribbon” was squeezed.

The name of the founder was arched. The curve became the base of the shape that has been used ever since.


Hellmann’s Logo 1929

The lettering was simplified leaving only the founder’s second name and the word “Mayonnaise.” Both the words were arched. So, in addition to the upper curve, a new one appeared, which was its mirror reflection.

The lettering was white on the blue background. Although the type was slightly richer in detail than the current one, their overall look and structure were pretty similar. Even the dark blue color was already present.


Hellmann's Logo 1945

The lettering “Real” was sandwiched in between the two words of the previous version. A bow appeared at the top.


Hellmann’s Logo 1988

This time, only the name of the brand was left. It was not arched anymore. The bow moved lower, it was now completely inside the shape.


Hellmann’s Logo 2001

The word “Hellmann’s” was arched again, and the writing “Bring out the best” in smaller letters was added. The logo adopted a yellow outline, while the bow was colored light blue and moved to the top again.


Hellmann's Logo 2004

The slogan was replaced by the bow. The yellow outline disappeared. The serifs seem to have been fading with every new version. A gradient was added.



Hellmann's Logo 2015

The typography adopted a refined, slightly old-fashioned touch. The slogan (which remained unchanged) reappeared. The bow moved even lower and now formed the border of the logo.


Hellmann's Logo

The Hellmann’s logo exists in two versions. The one featured on the products is still based on the same elliptical shape with cut corners and includes white letters on the dark blue background.

The version used online showcases the dark blue letters and bow on the white background. Instead of the slogan, the writing “Est. 1913” can be seen.