Hellas Verona Logo

Hellas Verona Logo

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Every known logo of the soccer club Hellas Verona so far has been inspired by the coat of arms of the Scala family, which used to rule the city of Verona.

Meaning and history

Hellas Verona logo history

One of the earliest logos was just a blue ring with a yellow outline and two concentric yellow rings inside. In the smallest circle, you could see the letters “A C V” and a ladder in yellow.

Symbol evolution

Hellas Verona Symbol

The original Hellas Verona logo was later replaced by an elliptical emblem. Here, the word “Hellas” and the flag of Verona appeared over yellow and blue stripes.

The next version was a rhomboid with two of its corners cut. The two mastiffs were borrowed from the coat of arms of the Scala family.

Current emblem

Hellas Verona emblem

The blue and yellow stripes are now placed in a yellow ellipse. In the middle, a white banner featuring the name of the club can be seen. There’re two mastiffs and the flag of Italy on the top field and a stylized flag of Verona below.


Hellas Verona Logo

The bold sans serif type would have looked pretty minimalistic if not for the slightly distorted proportions.


Verona Logo

The Italian word “gialloblu” used to describe the club’s official palette means “yellow-blue” in English. In addition to the two colors, the Hellas Verona logo also features white, red, and green (the colors of the Italian flag), as well as black.