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The Head & Shoulders logo has gone through at least five updates since the product was introduced.

Head & Shoulders Slogan
  • Stay faithful.

  • Live head first.

  • Live flake free.

  • Wear your hair with pride.

Meaning and history

Head Shoulders Logo history


Head & Shoulders Logo 1961

In addition to the name of the brand in an italicized serif type, there was a wavy design in pink and three shades of blue.


Herbal Essences Logo 1983

The wave was modified. There were now three parts (two blue waves and a pink one).


Head & Shoulders Logo 1989

The wave disappeared, the lettering grew simpler and was now colored solid blue.


Head Shoulders Logo 1995

The lettering adopted an upward direction.


Head & Shoulders Logo 2001

The type grew simpler. An “H&S” emblem was added.


Head & Shoulders logo

The era of a swirl logo started. In 2014 and 2019 the company introduced slightly modified versions of the swirl.


Head and Shoulders Logo