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The older Halliburton logo typically combined the wordmark with the “H” in a circle. Today, though, the company tends to use these two elements separately. The wordmark becomes the primary logo, while the “H” is used as an icon when space is not enough for the full logo or when the proportions do not allow using it.

Meaning and history

The Halliburton Company is known as one of the world’s largest oil field service companies. It is headquartered in Houston, Texas, U.S.

Halliburton Logo

Primary emblem

The wordmark showcases the word “Halliburton” in red over the white background. While the type featured in the Halliburton logo looks totally unpretentious, it has a unique touch. If you take a closer look at the “o,” the “u,” the “b,” and the “r,” you will notice their shape is slightly less rounded than in an average typeface. There is a strong influence of the rectangle shape.

Halliburton Emblem


The icon features the letter “H” in white placed inside a red circle. The “H” is italicized. What is even more notable is the difference in the thickness of the horizontal and vertical bars. The top right end is connected with the border of the circle with the help of a thin white line, which makes it look like a river flowing into the ocean.