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Haldiram is the name of a popular Indian food brand, which was established by Shri Ganga Bhishen Agarwal in 1937. Today the company has a chain of restaurants all over the country and also manufactures various foods, mostly sweets, under the same brand.

Meaning and history

Haldiram logo

The visual identity of the Indian sweets brand looks just like it has to — evoking a tender and warm feeling and resembling old movies and magic Christmas evenings in them. The candy from fairytales is what you think when first see Haldiram’s logo.

The emblem of the brand is composed of white lettering with a delicate and ornate monogram above it, placed on a solid red oval, which is stretched horizontally. The logotype is written in a neat and slightly narrowed serif typeface with a wavy horizontal bar of the “H”, the only capital letter in the wordmark.

As for the monogram, it is composed of two letters “HP”, which have their tails elongated and curved, enclosed into a half-circle white frame with its bottom right part decorated with vignettes.

This simple and sophisticated composition starts looking powerful and passionate when placed on a bright red background, while the smooth shape of the badge balances the moods of the badge, softening the aggressive red color and elevating the elegance of a total badge look.

The Haldiram’s logo is an example of a simple badge, which can be actual throughout centuries, without losing its individuality. The red badge with white lettering looks great both on the brand’s restaurants’ banners, and on their food products, loved all over India.

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