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Air Vanuatu is a prominent airline operating in the South Pacific region. It is owned by the Vanuatu government and has been connecting the stunning archipelago with the world since its establishment. With its main hub at Bauerfield International Airport in Port Vila, Air Vanuatu serves various domestic and international destinations, including Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. The airline prides itself on offering exceptional services, promoting tourism, and facilitating trade between Vanuatu and other nations.

Meaning and history

Air Vanuatu Logo history

Air Vanuatu is an airline based in Port Vila, Vanuatu, founded by the government in 1981. Since its inception, the airline has achieved several significant milestones. It operates a fleet of aircraft, including Boeing and ATR planes, serving domestic and international destinations. Air Vanuatu has played a crucial role in connecting the remote islands of Vanuatu, facilitating tourism and trade. The airline has received awards for its exceptional service, including the ‘Best Airline in the Pacific’ in 2014 and 2016. As of now, Air Vanuatu continues to expand its route network and enhance its services, contributing to the growth of tourism and the economy in Vanuatu.

What is Air Vanuatu?
Air Vanuatu is the national airline of Vanuatu, a South Pacific island nation. It operates both domestic and international flights, connecting Vanuatu with destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and New Caledonia. The airline is known for its friendly service, offering passengers a comfortable travel experience to explore the stunning beauty of Vanuatu and its surrounding islands.

1981 – 1985

Air Vanuatu Logo 1981

The original Air Vanuatu logo, designed at the beginning of the 1980s, stayed with the company for just four years. It was a bright and bold badge, set in the colors of the national Vanuatu flag — red, yellow, and green. The stylized uppercase lettering in a striped pattern was followed by a flag image, and set on a transparent background.

1985 – 1991

Air Vanuatu Logo 1985

The redesign of 1985 introduced a completely different logo for the air carrier. Now the palette of the badge consisted of a calm purplish shade of blue, with white as a background. The uppercase inscription in a geometric sans-serif typeface was accompanied by an elegant emblem, looking like a stylized infinity symbol, formed by two swirls.

1991 – 1997

Air Vanuatu Logo 1991

The color palette of the Air Vanuatu visual identity was switched back to brightness in 1991. The lettering turned black, and changed its font to a smooth cursive, while the emblem got colored green, red, white, and black, enlarged and placed above the wordmark.

1997 – now

Air Vanuatu Logo

The redesign of 1997 has created a more modern and elegant image for the air carrier from Vanuatu. The color palette remained the same, as well as the lettering part of the badge, but the contours of the emblem were refined, elongated, and curved even more.

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